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About Elysian Beauty & Wellness 

Our founder, Bronte started Elysian Beauty & Wellness back in 2018 with quality, detail, luxury and team morale at the forefront of her plan. She felt like even though there were beauty and skin salons galore there wasn't the luxury and attention to detail in a salon that she envisioned Elysian to be.
After many years of constant trial and error, research and training to gain all the knowledge possible, Elysian is now one of Tasmania's most exclusive Beauty and Skin Salons.
Bronte's vision for Elysian was always to keep it small enough so she could keep the quality at an absolute peak but also team culture has always been a priority. She believes in investing in her staff to keep there skills at a top level but also have a happy, positive, fun work environment where everyone loves coming to work as she believes you can feel that as a client coming to the salon.



My name is Bronte and i have created a personal space where you are able to feel at home, comfortable and warm while also getting treated with the highest quality of products and services that have gone through rigorous trail and testing phases to even enter the salon.
I am 27 years young with a little girl that is the light of my life and a husband that is the "handy man" of the business and who has helped me grow it and make my vision come to life.

I look forward to meeting you and thank you for supporting my team.


After many years in the industry Bronte realized her passion for self development and gaining knowledge in all areas of beauty but especially with skin. Having struggled with her skin and acne  for so many years she realized how much Launceston was in need of a skin clinic that had a huge amount of knowledge about skin and were willing to share that with their client's and transform skin with a holistic approach.
As a self professed "fussy client" Bronte took all her knowledge and what she wanted as a client and has created the structure of Elysian with that in mind. Nothing is available to clients unless Bronte has trailed and tested it herself. 
Bronte continues to work alongside her amazing team a few days a week but is now more focused on training her team, as she believes her team should never stop growing and improving.


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Elysian would be nothing without the incredible beauty and skin professionals that work in it everyday.
These woman have been hand selected by Bronte, not only for their skills but also there beautiful personable manner. We want you to feel safe and like you are close friends with your therapist. 
We can't wait to meet you.

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