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Dr Spiller Biomimetic Skin Care

Exclusive to Elysian In Launceston

Unfortunelty we do not sell Dr Spiller products online, come in to see us in the salon today!


In his late thirties in 1959 Dr. Horst Spiller had a career change, deciding to flip from food technology to cosmetics. Combinations of oil and water are an important part of food technology. This unusual background allowed Dr Spiller to study and develop cosmetic emulsions from a completely different viewpoint.


He first dappled, like others, with oil-in-water formulations but soon discovered that water-based skin care creams evaporated too quickly. He was convinced there was a better way.

It took him ten years but his determination paid off. Through Dr Spiller’s continuous research he discovered how to encase the water molecule in oil so that it can provide better, longer lasting protection.

He realised that while the skin is waterproof it still needs to retain moisture. The end result is his genius water-in-oil formulation that is not heavy on the skin. Many formulations of this type contain up to 50% of oil making them dense and greasy. Dr Spiller’s unique formulations have drastically whittled down the oil content to around 30% or below, making them light and super effective for the skin.

Coupled with his technology Dr Spiller was determined to work largely with natural or nature-identical ingredients in exclusive formulations that perfectly mimic the natural mechanisms of the skin. The company’s headquarters are still today nestled in the Bavarian Alps in Germany, producing skin care that fulfils the lifelong passion of Dr. Spiller about being gentle on skin with nature the true originator of beauty.

Dr. Spiller insisted that we should be gentle with our skin. He decided to largely stay out of the trend of using fruit acids, AHAs and glycolic acids. Today many leading experts are coming to agree with his conclusion: the daily application of aggressive exfoliation ingredients leaves the skin in a constant state of damaging inflammation.

Respect for the skin’s natural acid mantle is another tenet of Dr. Spiller’s approach to skincare. His cleansing products are formulated to effectively cleanse the skin without stripping its natural oils. His motto was ‘sterile skin is neither possible nor desirable’.

Dr. Spiller’s idea of working with the skin rather than breaking it down is recognized by Spiller-trained skin professionals and their clients as a unique and highly effective solution to fresh, beautiful skin.

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